Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Foxley Lane women’s inpatient unit

Date: 18 Jan 2017 12:00 AM  

We are aware of the decision made by Croydon CCG to discontinue the Foxley Lane service, an eight bed women’s inpatient unit for patients who are not detained under the Mental Health Act . The decision follows a thorough engagement process with the public, and past and current patients.

The Trust will continue to provide high quality care to women in Croydon who are in crisis. In order to do this community based services will be expanded – including the Croydon Home Treatment Team and the Community Liaison Team. Patients that require more intensive support will be admitted to new beds that will be provided at the Bethlem Royal Hospital.

Dr Hugh Jones, Clinical Director said:

“As part of the engagement process, we heard from people who said that they found elements of the Foxley Lane service highly valuable - such as its therapeutic ethos, and the level of ‘peer’ support provided to patients by other people who have used mental health services. So that we can incorporate this good practice into new ways of working, we are setting up a working group that will include service user representatives and Foxley Lane staff. This way, we can learn from people’s positive experiences at Foxley Lane.”

The full patient and public engagement reports for both engagement processes are published on the CCG’s website at


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