Magnet Accreditation

Magnet Accreditation

We are involved in a major scheme, called Magnet, which has been developed in the U.S to assess the quality of nursing care within healthcare organisations.

Magnet accreditation is only allocated to organisations who provide healthcare of the very best quality. Only 6% of hospitals within the U.S have been accredited. We are the first NHS mental health trust in the UK to seek Magnet accreditation.

Find out more in this short film.

Benefits to patients

Magnet accreditation is about improving the care we provide, with a particular focus on nursing. Achieving accreditation is about helping to ensure that we are clear with patients about what they can expect from us.

Patients will be given more of a say in their care. They will always be treated with dignity and respect. They will receive nursing care which is based upon research evidence that it is effective, and which is also warm and courteous. And they will be treated within an appropriate clinical environment.

Magnet is about achieving a consistently excellent quality of nursing care across all of the clinical services we provide, whether in hospital or in the community. We are already working to achieve all of this, irrespective of our bid for Magnet accreditation. Magnet provides a focus and an added impetus for this work.

Benefits to staff

Magnet accreditation involves freeing up nurses to nurse. It is about finding practical ways to help take nurses back to what they should be doing - providing direct care and support to patients.

It is about creating a working environment where nursing staff are given the freedom, space and time to think about the quality of nursing care they provide, and the autonomy to make changes to the way things are done based on their experience, expertise and judgement. It also involves being clear with people about the standards of care we expect from everyone who works within our clinical services.

What does it mean for SLaM?

Magnet accreditation is an extension of what we have already been doing to improve patient care. It is about building upon this work and helping to sustain improvements in the way we provide nursing care.

The journey towards accreditation compliments and supports what we are trying to achieve through the creation of Clinical Academic Groups - high quality patient care which is at least as good as the standards within other healthcare organisations globally.

It will help ensure that commissioners want to use our services, because it will provide added, independent, evidence based assurance that what we do is of the highest quality.


Nursing staff who work here at the Trust have unrivalled opportunities to become involved in groundbreaking research to improve patient care. Find out more in the following short film.

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