Welcome to myhealthlocker


myhealthlocker is a patient-focused website which allows service users to take an active role in their recovery and wellbeing.

Using myhealthlocker you can access your care plan from SLaM, keep track of how you are feeling, access resources and tips on staying well and manage your health and wellbeing.

myhealthlocker has recently introduced the clinical portal which allows clinicians to view the data you've entered and shared in myhealthlocker, such as PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures), Rate My Day and many more.

Future plans for myhealthlocker include a facility to allow clinicians to share letters and documents from ePJS (SLaM's electronic medical record system) to myhealthlocker and more outcome measures to complete and share with your clinician. 



The myhealthlocker team provide several OT-led drop-in sessions which guide service users through the site and support individuals with their goals to get more familiar and comfortable with myhealthlocker and the internet.

Want to find out more?

Register your interest here or contact the team on myhealthlocker@slam.nhs.uk or 0203 228 3875.


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