Penfluridol update

Drug: Penfluridol




Penfluridol is a diphenylbutylpiperidine derivative chemically similar to haloperidol and very similar in chemical structure and pharmacological activity to pimozide.  It is a long acting oral typical antipsychotic agent unlicensed in the UK.   Its long duration of action allows for a once weekly administration.  The efficacy of penfluridol is similar to other typical antipsychotics; both oral and depot according to Cochrane review of efficacy. 


The Trust Drug and Therapeutics Committee has approved penfluridol as option in people with chronic schizophrenia who do not comply with oral medication on a daily basis or object to depot antipsychotic.  As it is an unlicensed medication, the Trust will be monitoring closely, the use of the drug. 


Date: 14th May 2014.

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