Multi-Disciplinary Academic Slides

Multi-Disciplinary Academic Resource Slides

February 2019

Ask, Listen, Do - Mary Busk Family Carer Adviser Improving Health and Quality Team, Learning Disability Programme and Carl Shaw, Learning Disability Adviser, Transforming Care, Learning Disability Programme, NHS England

Link to: NHS England, Ask, Listen, Do 

November 2018

Supported Loving , Dr Claire Bates, Quality Analyst, Honorary Research Associate, Tizard Centre

October 2018

Copy number variation in ID psychiatry -Nick Bass, Associate Professor of Psychiatric Genetics Molecular Psychiatry Lab, UCL Division of Psychiatry

September 2018

Clinical and cost effectiveness of staff training in Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) for treating challenging behaviour in adults with intellectual disability: a cluster randomised controlled trial - Prof Angela Hassiotis, Dr Michaela Poppe et al. UCL Division of Psychiatry

June 2018

National Mortality Review  , Emily Handley, London Regional Coordinator, Learning Disability Mortality Review (LeDeR) Programme, NHS England

 May 2018

Forced Marriage and Learning Disabilities  - Deborah Kitson & Rachael Clawson, Ann Craft Trust 

March 2018

Assistive technology and communication
Cristiana Atherton & Charlotte Sax, Speech and Language, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

February 2018

Modulation of Brain Function during Executive Functioning in Autism with Tianeptine - Dr Rob Wichers , Clinical Research Worker/PhDstudent 

January 2018

100K Genomes project - Henry Rogers, Research Assistant, 100,000 Genomes Project Recruitment Team & Prof André Strydom, Consultant Psychiatrist, Southwark Mental Health Learning Disabilities Team, South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust & Kings College London


November 2017

South East London transforming care programme    - Smriti Singh, Programme Director, NHS Southwark  CCG 

October 2017

SHRINE- Sexual and reproductive health rights, inclusion and empowerment

September 2017

Epilepsy and MHID - Mo Eyeoyibo, Clinical Lead and Consultant Psychiatrist in Intellectual Disability, Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust

 July 2017 

The de-prescribing of psychotropic medicines in people with learning disability, Danielle Adams, BSc (Hons) CertPsychPharm MRPharmS, Principal Clinical Pharmacist for mental health with a special interest in learning disability, Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation Trust.

June 2017

Integrated health care overlapping physical health Jackie Downing, Deputy Head of Nursing covering Health Inclusion and Prevention Specialist Services, Lambeth, Southwark & Lewisham, GSTT

March 2017

Supporting men with an offending risk in a community setting on the structures in place, barriers to overcome etc, Michael Fullerton, Director of Quality & Clinical Care, CMG

February 2017

Dementia Diagnostic Criteria in People with Down’s Syndrome: Back to the Future , Dr Asim Naeem, Consultant Psychiatrist , SW London & St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust

November 2016

Facilitating Effective Communication, Caryl Marshall, ST4, Lewisham Mental Health Learning Disabilities South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Review of the effectiveness of psychological interventions for challenging behaviour, Abdul Sabir, ST, South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust

Future research in psychotropic medication use for people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour, Professor Angela Hassiotis &  Kate Kimona, Research Assistant, Division of Psychiatry, University College London (UCL)

October 2016

Civil Court - Dr Kiriakos Xenitidis, Consultant Psychiatrist, MHLD Team, South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust 

September 2016

Positive Behaviour Support - Jonathan Beebee, Nurse Consultant, PBS

July 2016

What is the evidence relating to clinical decision making when prescribing anti-psychotics in terms of using:  (a) target symptom and (b) primary illness approaches

June 2016

Human rights informed approach to risk assessment and management - Kieron Beard, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Lewisham MHLD, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Sexual and Social Understanding Project - Keith Smith, BILD Development Manager

May 2016

What is the evidence base for the effectiveness of arts related interventions in treating mental health problems in people with intellectual disabilities - Dr Ba Min Ko, ST5, MHLD, South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

The Origins of Makaton- Caryl Marshall CT3, MHLD Southwark, South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

March 2016

Hearing voices group for people with learning disabilities - Dr John Cheetham, Clinical Psychologist, MHLD, South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

A review of current standardised assessment tools in clinical practice for individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders - Southwark MHLD, South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Using the Psychiatric assessment schedules for adults with developmental disabilities (PAS ADD) in MHLD services

February  2016

What evidence is there that user engagement makes a difference for qualtiy of service? - Dr Aruna Sahni, South West London & St Georges Mental Health NHS Trust

January 2016

Improving spiritual care for patients with learning disabilities  - Rev'd Nana Kyei-Baffour, Spirituality & Disability Advisor/Chaplain, GSTT 

Recommendations for ‘IMPROVING spiritual care among patients with LEARNING disabilities’






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