Editors: Rai Turton and Jean O'Hara

About The Journal

Advances in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities is a high-quality resource for practitioners, managers and academics and is the only UK journal specific to the mental health needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

The Journal integrates current research with practice and keeps professionals up to date with a variety of different perspectives on developments in the field. It aims to support professionals in delivering high-quality and evidence-based practice to people with intellectual disabilities who have additional mental health needs, and provides a forum for the debate of current issues and opinions.

Each issue will contain a number of comprehensive features addressing subjects of contemporary significance for the mental health needs of people with intellectual disabilities, including:

  • developments in service design and delivery
  • policy and its implication in practice
  • research reports
  • clinical case studies, enabling professionals to learn from the experience of others and improve their practice
  • news and resources
  • book reviews

The Journal is published six times a year; January, March, May, June, September and December.


Topics cover a wide range of disciplines and sectors including:

  • assessment and treatment
  • outcomes
  • service user/carer views and opinions
  • implementing government policy in local services
  • evaluation of mental health services for people with intellectual disabilities
  • interface between intellectual disability and mental health services
  • training staff on mental health needs
  • the relationship between mental and physical health
  • mental health promotion
  • comments on items in the news.


Target audience

Advances in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities will be of particular interest to community learning disability teams, in-patient services, the private and voluntary sector, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, speech and language therapists and other professionals and managers.

How to contribute

The team welcomes approaches from anyone who would like to consider contributing to the Journal.
Please contact Eddie Chaplin by Email:
For author guidance please visit the journal website.

For details on how to submit a manuscript please visit here.

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