Academic Journals

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Provision of Mental Health Care for  Adults who have a Learning Disability

  • Written by Steve Hardy, Eddie Chaplin and Peter Woodward.
  • Published by the Royal College of Nursing in 2013 - Download a copy

Dignity in healthcare for people with learning disabilities

  • Written by Steve Hardy. Published by the Royal College of Nursing in 2013 Download a copy

Neurodevelopmental psychiatry: an introduction for medical students

  • Edited by Simon Bonell,Tim McInerny and Jean O'Hara. Published by the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust in 2011.
  • Download a copy

Are you supporting someone with autism?

  • A poster offering advice to health and social care professionals on supporting people with autism who use their services Download a copy

Best Interests: Guidance on determining the best interests of adults who lack the capacity to make a decision (or decisions) for themselves

  • Written by Theresa Joyce. Published by the British Psychological Society 2007, Department of Health and the Estia Centre
  • Download a copy

Supporting Complex Needs: A practical guide for support staff working with people with a learning disability who have mental health needs

  • Written by Steve Hardy, Richard Kramer, Geraldine Holt, Peter Woodward and Eddie Chaplin. Published by Turning Point in 2006
  • Download a copy

Meeting the Health Needs of People with Learning Disabilities: Guidance for Nursing Staff

  • Written by Steve Hardy, Peter Woodward, Petrea Woolard and Tom Tait. Produced by the Royal College of Nursing in 2006
  • Download a copy

Practice Guidelines for the Assessment and Diagnosis of Mental Health Problems in Adults with Intellectual Disability

  • Shoumitro Deb, Tim Matthews, Geraldine Holt and Nick Bouras. Published by Pavilion Publishing in 2001
  • Download a copy

Autism and Related Disorders: The basic handbook for mental health, primary care and other professionals

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