Commissioning DISCOVER in your school

We now deliver DISCOVER programmes to students from a range of schools in London and the South East, including academies, state secondaries, grammar schools, private day and boarding schools. If you would like more information about delivering the DISCOVER Workshop Programme at your school, and the costs of the programme, please contact us. We will be pleased to arrange to meet you, to help decide if DISCOVER suits you students' needs. Discounts can be offered for groups of schools, or academy chains.

Training and consultancy for school staff

We run staff training sessions and seminars on student wellbeing and building emotional resilience, based on the key messages from the DISCOVER programme (eg ways to get a better night’s sleep, managing anxiety and panic, improving student motivation). These can be linked to seminars for sixth form students on emotional resilience and self care. We also provide INSET teaching on youth mental health, and specialist CAMHS interventions and support. The DISCOVER team also offer consultation and advice to school staff to help them support more vulnerable students. Additionally, the team have developed a training and supervision package for child mental health professionals who wish to learn to deliver the DISCOVER workshop programme, in association with our service.

Our contact details are:
Dr Irene Sclare
DISCOVER programme lead and Consultant clinical psychologist
07969 587270

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