Service user involvement

IMPaCT  service user perspective

"My name is Maurice and I live in central London.  I have been using mental health services for just over 20 years. I became involved in IMPaCT through the Mental Health Research Network and I am pleased to help with representing service user interests in the IMPaCT research project.  

"My main role is as a participant and observer at the monthly IMPaCT steering group meetings which I have attended for just over 18 months. I consider my participation at these meeting in three ways: offering advice where appropriate e.g. on how to encourage service users to get involved in the project; enquiring about the progress and methodology of the project for clarification; and making constructive comments for general consideration. 

"My perspective of the research in question comes not only as a service user experienced in psychosis and treatment but also as a lay person e.g. the proverbial man in the street so I aim to keep this perspective as wide as possible.


"On occasion I have also talked to researchers about my own experiences of how my physical health needs have been met and my relationship with medical professionals, especially my community mental health team. I am very interested in being a source of reference to researchers and for them to enquire about my experiences as a service user.

"I am particularly interested in how this project will benefit the maximum number of service users through helping them achieve the best possible physical health and I am looking forward to assisting with the dissemination of the eventual results and findings not only to the medical profession but also to my fellow service users and  the lay person.  I feel very positive about IMPaCT goals to empower people into better health especially as it is a well documented observation that people with a mental illness also endure poor physical health."

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