Case study

Joe* was 23 when his parents became concerned about his cannabis use and the way he had begun to isolate himself. 

When Joe said he could hear voices and felt persecuted he was brought to our early intervention service where unfortunately he had three admissions in 2007. The last  was nearly a year long in the Lambeth early onset ward.

Then Joe was transferred to our service. At first, he didn't engage well and his relationship with family was poor. However with support from the team he started new medication and gradually began engaging with the ward programme, while benefiting from psychological interventions by our trained staff.

Joe began attending activities provided by the ward in the local community and soon was keen to be assessed for voluntary work. He commenced self medication and had graded leave to go home. 

In 2010 he completed his treatment and was discharged home with the community team continuing to follow up on his progress.

Joe went on to develop skills in voluntary work and continued to progress with no readmissions. He has moved on from supported accommodation to his own choice of home. Joe is now in full time employment.


*name has been changed

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