Art at Tony Hillis

We view art and creativity as a vital part in promoting recovery for the men we work with.

At our unit, we have the following therapies available:

  • movement and dance
  • art
  • music

We also encourage the use of art and creativity more widely in recovery

We work closely with Raw Sounds, a social music project which offers the opportunity to create urban & street music at all levels from performance to production. This is a valued aspect of the programme.

We have begun a program of inviting visiting artists from all modalities to run individual projects on the unit.

Our lead clinician Dr David O'Flynn is the chair of the Adamson Collection which is one of the UK's most prominent collections of art by those who lived in the asylums.  He was closely involved in the making of the award-winning film 'abandoned goods' which was showed at the Sundance film Festival.


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