Assessment and admission

Assessment for suitability of admission

  • We undertake early multidisciplinary assessments to determine the most effective individualised treatment package to meet the needs of any given service user.
  • We identify the goals of the admission before people are actually admitted to the unit, and we develop recovery focused care plans in collaboration with our service users. 
  • A full report is then provided detailing the outcome of the assessment and recommendation s of the proposed plan of care.


  • We encourage a well planned move to the unit and for new service users to visit us before their admission to familiarise themselves with the setting and to meet our friendly team.
  • When service users arrive they are welcomed by our staff who will show them around the facilities and introduce them to various activities available.
  • Once on the ward the team will review  the service users history, medication history and their previous best level of functioning in more detail.
  • This will be used to shape the recovery goals and will help to inform treatment planning.

Assessment after admission

  • Initial assessment is focused on the level of the symptoms and degree of impairment in the different domains of need, as well as the risks.
  • We aim to set objectives with service users at point of admission by identifying outcomes that matter to service users and their carers if they are involved.
  • Once these objectives are identified, we inform our commissioners and ensure that they are given progress updates regularly through reporting and ad hoc update requests.
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