Care pathways

Standard Treatment Pathway

The Standard Treatment Pathways begins with a medication review with pharmacy and medication interventions. These are implemented in collaboration with the Maudsley Pharmacy and/or the National Psychosis Unit Advice Clinic. We proactively identify and manage side-effects to ensure  our patients are happy with their medication and avoid non-compliance.

In the second phase of treatment we place more emphasis on the individual establishing a personal routine of vocational, social and therapeutic activities in the community.

Finally, the third phase is graded discharge supported by a comprehensive community programme.

Brief Standard Model

The Brief Standard Model has similar elements to the Standard Pathway, such as proactive medication management and a range of therapeutic activities.

This intensive programme typically runs for three to six months and is best suited to individuals who are stepping down to a locked or challenging behaviour environment. We care for these individuals until their risks to self or others are sufficiently addressed and they can return to local services.

Forensic Pathway

This is a step down pathway from low or medium secure forensic settings.

In this pathway, the interventions are similar to our standard pathway, however there is greater emphasis on risk formulation in order to manage the specific needs of forensic patients.

As these individuals will have already undergone a recent medication review, we focus on social interventions to ensure a safe transition to the community.

National Psychosis Unit (NPU) joint pathway

We work in partnership with the NPU in managing individuals particularly from medium secure unites or other secure settings who require a more secure environment.

This pathway is unique as these individuals receive in-reach from the NPU team until they are ready to return to the open environment of NPU or local open rehabilitation services.

HIV Specialism Pathway

We have a unique pathway offering specialist care for men with mental health and HIV issues.

Our expert team is experienced at managing complex cases of HIV related psychosis by managing the interactions between HIV and mental health medications.

We are one of the only units in the UK to offer Clozapine rechallenge to HIV-positive patients, in collaboration with our colleagues in the Haematology and HIV Medicine Department at Kings College Hospital.

Early onset

We work in collaboration with early onset services to care for the 10-15% of people who do not recover from their first psychotic episode.

By using our specialist interventions at an early stage, we aim to change the trajectory of their disorder to prevent long term poor social functioning and dependency on inpatient settings. (see our case study).

By doing this, we not only improve clinical outcomes for our patients, we are also able to reduce the long term costs associated with lengthy inpatient treatment.

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