Case study

John* is a 35 year old man with treatment resistant schizophrenia and learning disabilities, who has been in secure accommodation since the age of 14 due to his violent behaviour.

John came to our service after various private sector placements over the years. He was maintained on Clozapine and started on a rehabilitation programme.

He got involved in various activities such as our creative therapies where he created beautiful artwork and took part in our adult education programme were he started learning to read and how to cook for the first time.

After nine months with escorted leave, John took his first walk without an escort in almost 20 years.

Initially John felt fearful to leave our unit, however we graded his discharge so he was keen to take the step to leave when the time came. During graded discharge he made good relationships with others in the supported house.

John now lives successfully in the community.


 *name has been changed

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