We also have access to innovative and research based treatments. Working in collaboration with The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, Neuroscience, people in our service have access to trials of the latest interventions, including the latest psychological treatments.


Interventions to support recovery

Our multi disciplinary team deliver the following evidence based interventions.   

  • Psychopharmacology - we us innovative and evidence based approaches to the management of treatment resistant psychosis
  • Nursing - our nurses are specialists in working with individuals who are difficult to engage
  • 'Challenging challenging behaviour' - we have developed strategies for working with people who express themselves through violence
  • Occupational and vocational interventions - we have a comprehensive programme of activities in the ward including creative arts therapies
  • Physical health - we work with people with significant physical health issues in collaboration with our colleagues at St Thomas' Hospital and Kings College Hospital. We have a gym, basketball court and a clinical exercise trainer.
  • Substance misuse interventions
  • Art - we have a range of creative therapies such as art, music and dance and movement therapy
  • Interventions for complex needs such as eating disorders
  • Risk assessment and management


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