Who we are

SHARP is a specialist team of mental health professionals focused on recovery and well-being for people using mental health services in Lambeth. Our service has been shown to produce positive therapeutic outcomes and high levels of satisfaction. SHARP is part of the Psychosis recovery care pathway. 

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What we do

SHARP provides a range of effective, time-limited, evidence based
therapeutic interventions. These are aimed to develop coping skills, resilience and confidence and to help people to get on with their lives. We are involved in researching and developing novel and innovative therapies and ways of working. Our services are shaped and developed in close collaboration with the people who use them.

Our values

  • Valuing people, their experiences, choices and hopes. 
  • Empathy, compassion and genuineness are at the heart of all we do. 
  • Therapies are most helpful when delivered in a creative, flexible and skilful manner. 
  • Providing a positive environment and treating all with respect and dignity.

To be referred simply ask your care co-ordinator or consultant to contact us.

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