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Mental Health Act (MHA)

The Mental Health Act 1983 is the legislation governing the formal detention and care of people with mental health problems in hospital.

It is essential that Mental Health Practitioners, Mental Health Act Administrators, Associate Hospital Managers, staff working in general acute hospital settings, professional staff at all levels in social care, legal or the police have sound knowledge and understanding of the MH Act in delivering their services. This course will also be useful to anyone with a general interest in mental health issues or studying mental health law. See MHA Youtube clip for more details.

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Smoking Cessation

This eLearning course is aimed to provide staff (who care for people with mental health problems) with an overview of smoking in mental health, how to engage service users in talking about smoking cessation, how to refer to a specialist stop smoking advisor and how to support someone who is in process of stopping.

Smoking is often an accepted and an expected coping mechanism for mental health service users, however it contributes to the health and social inequalities faced by people with mental health problems. See Smoking Cessation Video Clip for more details.


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