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NHS Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and South London Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) have announced that they are seeking to engage the public on a proposal to change the services currently provided at Foxley Lane, a women’s mental health service in Purley. The proposal outlines how in future women will be supported by community mental health and other social care services.

Over the last two years, Croydon CCG has invested more than £9 million to improve access to mental health services and develop community care services so that patients can be treated in their own homes and communities.The local NHS aims to reduce the reliance on inpatient services as mental health specialists and patients agree that supporting people near to where they live is the most effective way of helping people to get better quicker.

The local NHS is proposing to close the services currently provided at Foxley Lane so that they are provided as individual care packages in people’s homes by a range of community mental health services in the future.

Foxley Lane is an eight bedded women’s ward in Purley for women aged 18 to 65 who have ongoing mental illness and are experiencing a mental health crisis. The service provides assessment, treatment and care to people who can recognise the signs of their own deteriorating mental illness and are able to request the service themselves.

Since Foxley Lane was originally set up six years ago, mental health services in primary care and the community are now much better equipped to treat service users with this level of need.

The local NHS is proposing to provide support for women who would currently be treated at Foxley Lane in their local communities by a range of community mental health services including Croydon Home Treatment Team and the Community Liaison Team.

Last year 55 women were treated at Foxley Lane. By treating patients in the community rather than at Foxley Lane the local NHS could save over £500,000 a year.

Dr Tony Brzezicki, Clinical Chair of NHS Croydon CCG said:

“This proposal is about making sure that people in Croydon receive the right care, in the right place at the right time for the money that is available. We need to make the most of every pound of NHS money. The NHS in Croydon has to find savings of millions of pounds over the next few years. This has meant that local GPs have had to assess every service the local NHS provides and the benefits of them to our service users. Of course, to do this properly we need to make sure that the views and needs of the people who use local services are fully understood and considered, so we will be working with local community and voluntary groups over the coming weeks to make sure this is the case.”

Dr Hugh Jones, Clinical Director, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust said:

“Foxley Lane is valued by the women who have been treated there and the service receives very positive patient feedback. However, because of the relatively small number of women who are treated there it is no longer sustainable or value for money for the NHS given the limited resources we have for local healthcare. Each month, Foxley Lane receives only one or two women in crisis, who come directly from the local community - most are admitted from other areas of the Trust and we are confident that in future these women will continue to receive high quality care from the Trust.

“It is vital that the future of the service is informed by the people who use the service and their carers and families, and over the coming weeks we will be asking local people to have their say.”

The engagement period will run until Friday 6 January 2017. Following this, NHS Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group will consider feedback gained at a public meeting of their Governing Body early in 2017.

To read the proposals and to have your say please go to

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