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About us

South London Listens

About us

South London Listens

About us

South London Listens

About us

South London Listens

South London Listens

Whether it is dealing with the virus itself, being impacted by unemployment, feeling isolated, or the tragedy of losing a loved one, we have all had a very personal experience of living through this pandemic, and we know that it is not over yet.

South London Listens, is a partnership between the NHS, local authorities, and community organisations to urgently respond to the impacts of the pandemic on the mental health and wellbeing of our communities.

What is South London Listens?

South London Listens was launched in 2020, by the three mental health Trusts in south London (South London and Maudsley, South West London and St Georges, and Oxleas)

Over the following 12 months, through community meetings, group conversations and a listening campaign we heard from more than 6,000 people across south London about the impact the pandemic had on them and their ideas for how we can support them to recover.

Find out more about the South London Listens story

Action plan

The South London Listens community listening campaign culminated in a community summit in June 2021 where the community presented their asks for how we can support their recovery from the pandemic.

Along with the other mental health Trusts, local authorities, public bodies and community groups, we were proud to pledge our support to their asks.

The South London Listens Action Plan sets out how we will deliver these pledges across the four priority areas:

  1. Loneliness, social isolation and digital exclusion
  2. Work and wages
  3. Children, young people and parental mental health
  4. Access to services

The two-year plan, launched in October 2021, details what the community asked us to do and the work we will be doing to fulfil our pledges.

An Accountability Summit will take place in summer 2022 to demonstrate progress made against our pledges.

Download the South London Listens Action Plan (PDF)

South London Listens Taskforce

Collaboration is at the heart of the South London Listens programme and the Action Plan will be delivered in partnership by the community and all those who pledged support.

The programme is overseen by the South London Listens Taskforce, chaired by Ann Beasley CBE (Chair, South West London and St Georges NHS Trust) and Sir Norman Lamb (Chair, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust) is made up of representative from the three south London mental health Trusts, local authorities and the community.

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