Croydon and BDP

Croydon and Behavioural and Developmental Psychiatry (BDP)

We provide core mental health services for adults of a working age who live in the London borough of Croydon alongside national specialist services including forensic mental health services, prison health, and neurodevelopmental disorders including learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and specialist services for people with psychosis.

The services we provide in Croydon include early intervention services, acute inpatient services, community mental health teams and promoting recovery services, talking therapies, a range of rehabilitations services, psychiatric liaison services at Croydon University Hospital and support for people who are in crisis.

The directorate hosts the trust’s forensic services – which includes inpatient services at River House - a state of the art medium secure facility on the grounds of the Bethlem Royal, Chaffinch - our low secure unit and ward in the community and our open rehab service. Within our forensic services mentally disordered offenders receive specialist care within a secure environment supported by an expert team of staff from a range of disciplines, including psychiatry, psychology, nursing, occupational therapy and social work.

Our aim both locally and nationally is to diagnose and treat people as early as possible, assess and manage risk and promote recovery and social inclusion. We deliver education and training programmes and carry out research which is published internationally in high-profile journals.

Our Croydon inpatient services are based at the Bethlem Royal Hospital, where we have six wards for adults, including a psychiatric intensive care unit, Croydon PICU.

View the directorate's management structure (PDF)

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