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Changing Lives - 2017-2022

The Trust has been working with our staff, our service users, our carers and our local communities to develop a five-year strategy – Changing Lives.

We have been doing so at a time of exceptional financial pressure and demand on the NHS, prompting unprecedented focus on delivering quality services whilst managing costs downwards. This has necessitated a drive to change the way care is delivered through new national imperatives (Mental Health 5-Year Forward View), new ways of delivering services (the New Models of Care Programme and thinking on group structures) and through joint planning across localities (Sustainability and Transformation Plans). 

Our strategy and implementation plan is still being refined with the input and engagement of our staff and our service users, but the broad strokes and goals we are seeking to achieve are becoming increasingly clear. Our vision remains to improve the lives of the people and communities we serve and promote mental health and wellbeing for all. The strategy we are developing to achieve this is called Changing Lives because the idea of making a positive difference and wanting to work with people to support them change their lives for the better is why we all come to work in the morning.

We want to do this in every contact we have with service users, carers and communities, but what is different about this organisation is that we also want to make that contribution at a national and international level and are doing so in a number of ways. 

Our key aims and initiatives: 

Relentless focus on quality of care, experience, and outcomes 

  • Deliver outstanding care and experience every day from high-quality estate, placing quality improvement at the heart of everything we do
  • Partnership working with our service users, their families and carers in the development and delivery of services
  • Improve how we value, involve, develop and empower our staff 

Supporting broader communities as well as individuals 

  • Move to whole-population contracts in all boroughs to deliver better population health outcomes, starting with the Lambeth Alliance
  • Work with our partners in Oxleas and South West London and St. George’s to improve the delivery of our national and specialist services 

Enabling staff to make full use of research, development and innovation 

  • Improve the translation of research into clinical practice and develop a successful, international fundraising campaign around improving the mental health of children and young people 

Making the best use of money and supporting vital information infrastructure 

  • Ensure we are financially sustainable and governed to the highest possible standards
  • Develop profitable commercial ventures that will enable us to further support and invest in our local services
  • Ensure we enable staff to make the best use of information with reliable IT infrastructure and applications 

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