QI case study - Ladywell Unit

Ladywell Unit

Staff at Ladywell have been working with the quality improvement team to improve the waste disposal process and waste rooms on site.

The project has involved collaborative teamwork across wards and departments, with domestic staff, ward staff and porters working together to make improvements.

Efficient waste disposal has been a longstanding problem at the Ladywell Unit. With shared waste rooms separate to the wards, and lots of different teams involved, there was an environment that nobody liked and a problem that wasn’t getting solved.

Using the QI Model for Improvement, the team started small, testing ideas and making changes on one floor. Some of these ideas included changing waste collection times and locations, introducing ward leads, providing refresher training and creating colourful posters.

Throughout the work, porters have been collecting data to measure over time allowing the team to evidence the improvements being made. After seeing sustained improvement, the team are now spreading changes to the other floors.

The outcomes so far for this continuous piece of work include cost saving, a reduced risk of infection, teamwork across boundaries and an improved environment to work in.

If you have an idea for something you’d like to improve and would like some ideas to get started, get in touch with the quality improvement team at qiteam@slam.nhs.uk

Pictured below, Vassen at The Ladywell Unit.

Photo for QI 2


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