QI case studies

Westways Ward
Westways ward identified a gap between how medication is administered on an inpatient ward compared with living in the community.  While on the ward, it was mainly nurses who administered medication. Upon discharge patients were expected to self-administer.
“We wanted to do more to help prepare patients for this transition and used quality improvement to achieve this.”
“We started by supporting patients to self-administer their medication in the clinic room under staff supervision (stage 1).  This was really successful so we decided to take it one step further and enable patients to both store their medication and self-administer it within their own rooms (stage 2).
We wanted to increase patients’ awareness and knowledge of medication and medication regimes, improve their understanding of the impact their medication has on their personal recovery, and integrate medication compliance into their daily routines.
We joined Improvement Science in Action quality improvement training, and the project support we received from the Quality Improvement (QI) team helped us understand how we could achieve our aim for this project and measure the impact of the changes we are making”
The team on westways ward have worked together to help make this project a success.  Their aim is to enable all our patients who could achieve this to be able to do it.
If you have an idea for something you’d like to improve and would like some ideas to get started, get in touch with the quality improvement team at qiteam@slam.nhs.uk.

Pictured below, Niyi and Sofia on Westways Ward at Bethlem Royal Hospital

Photo For QI

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