Brilliant at the basics

For teams or individuals who consistently deliver one or more of the trust’s strategic objectives in their everyday work, making a difference to the lives of service users and colleagues.


Barbara King (winner) Unit Administrator, Anxiety Disorders Residential Unit, Psychological Medicine and Integrated Care CAG

Barbara has been with the team for 10 years. She’s described by colleagues as being brilliant at the basics and is ‘dedicated and professional’, working in a complex environment.

Colleagues said: “ Even though the nature of the work requires juggling of competing demands from both patients and staff and operating under pressure, Barbara knows how to support
everyone and keep things going. Her work is seen as ‘exceptional ‘and consistently reliable and efficient.”

One patient said: “ Thank you for giving me time especially in my admission week, you helped me when I felt so lost, because of your warm welcome I felt I could stay on the unit.”

Barbara said: “ I like coming to work every day, it’s so varied there is so much going on but I’m very lucky and I love my job.”

Mark Peacock, Community Psychiatric Nurse, (CPN) Mental Health Learning Disabilities (Southwark), Behavioural and Developmental Psychiatry CAG

‘Supporting patients to stay well in the community’ was just one of the reasons Mark was nominated by his colleagues for the brilliant at the basics award. They said, “Mark goes out of his way to see his patients, valuing their time and always fitting in to what suits them”. Mark has also been instrumental in running a service user group which enables patients to attend a range of activities from going to the cinema to playing tennis. Judges said: “ Mark supports the service user group to access and enjoy every day experiences demonstrating an authentic caring and kind quality and knowledge underpinning his understanding of good mental health, and fundamental empowerment of his clients to feel confident and increase their social participation”.

Mark said: “I’m inspired to do my job by the patients, wanting to do well for them, to be a caring nurse and help improve their outcomes. Mark’s patient said: “ Mark’s a good person, he is always there for me. He makes me laugh and makes me happy. He deserves to win. He works hard.”

Tarita Campbell Clinical Support worker, AL1 ward, Mental Health Older Adults and Dementia CAG

Tarita was nominated for her work on AL1 ward. She was described by colleagues as someone who always tries to deliver excellence for her service users. Tarita collects patient experience information on behalf of the patients and her nomination spoke of the hard work and dedication that she puts into the process, making it fun and engaging for patients. Through her work, the ward is leading the way in patient feedback.

Judges said: “Tarita works in a unique and consistent manner and clearly has so much dedication to clients and relatives. By listening to the response and challenges of both staff and patients she has overcome the barriers to improve data collection, connecting with people with due care and attention.”

Tarita said: “One of the best ways of getting the information is making it fun, creating a comfortable environment for patients to have a voice and for their voices to be heard. When I see the laughter in their faces it makes me feel good. It makes me have a good day.”

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