Council of governors

Council of Governors Special Award: For teams or individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to the trust or local community.

Sheila Woodward (winner) Clinical Audit Project Officer, Patient Safety Team, Nursing and Quality Directorate

Sheila has been recognised for her dedication and hard work to breakdown stigma in mental health. Sheila built links with the British Transport Police and Network Rail and set up public information stalls in Waterloo Station. Along with a team of people, Sheila takes time to provide advice and signpost people to get help. Much of this work Sheila does in her own time, using her own resources.

Sheila also manages the information sharing service at Lambeth Hospital, a scheme which sees Sheila and her volunteers visiting every ward at the hospital weekly, to provide information to patients.

Sheila said: “Being nominated for this award has meant a lot. It shows that it recognises the work that I and others have been doing. There is misunderstanding about mental health issues. By getting information out there we can help break down stigma. Working alongside other organisations we’re helping to say to everybody mental health is there and there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Diana Chaccour Diaz, 
Art Psychotherapist, Child and Adolescent Mental Health CAG and Registrar at the Bethlem Museum of the Mind

Diana was recognised as going above and beyond her role both as a clinician and her work as a registrar. Diana was described as someone who always takes time to help bring out the best in people, to go above and beyond her role, and practice her work with care and compassion in a highly professional manner.

Colleagues said: “She is very motivated and creative in her approach to young people and professionals. She is willing to try things and likes challenges and is extremely good natured.”
“There is a consistent level of excellent quality and commitment to her work. The museum really benefits from somebody who has a person centred approach always working in a collaborative way.”

Diana said: “Both of my roles involve the use of art to improve the wellbeing of service users. They do this from two very different perspectives. Being shortlisted means that the arts are being recognised, they make an impact and they are a contribution to the community.”

Jim Burley Unit Ladywell Unit, Lewisham Hospital, Acute Care CAG

Judges said: “Over the past year they have transformed the way the team works together, which has helped to reduce violence and aggression, patient experience and complaints on the ward. This has also led to increased staff morale."

“The team show kindness, care and compassion for the patients, carers and all ward staff. They have developed excellent support for carers, and their carers’ lead is known across the trust for her work. The team are now recognised across the trust for their hard work, excellent team work and the care they provide for patients.”

Ward staff said: “JBU is an amazing place to work. I’ve been here for six years and it’s helped me grow as a person.”

“Working at JBU has been the best thing ever. It’s one team that really shows you that you are loved, you make a difference and whatever you do is appreciated.”

“It’s great for its patient care, it’s a family. Not only for our patients but the staff group. We are really considerate about each other. We’re so passionate about the care we provide and who we provide it for, we’re constantly striving to be better.”

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