Excellence and learning

For teams or individuals demonstrating exceptional performance or who have introduced new ideas to improve quality, safety or the way they work.


Clarissa Sorlie (winner) Senior Occupational Therapist, Step Up to Recovery Service, Psychological Medicine and Integrated Care CAG

Clarissa was nominated in recognition of the huge amount work she does for the team. Putting theory into practice is what drives her. She is committed to developing herself, her team, the inpatient service and wider community. Outside of her trust role Clarissa has been instrumental in developing an online community that discusses practice including clinicians, academics and student.

Colleagues said: “It’s not just her job - she lives and breathes it.”

Clarissa said: “Seeing newly qualified occupational therapists after one year on placement, seeing how much they have developed and just how proud they are to be occupational therapists makes me really proud.”

Eve Francis Ward Manager AL1, Mental Health Older Adults and Dementia CAG

Eve worked as a clinical nurse specialist covering three inpatient wards providing education and training for nursing. She was recognised for a number of things including her role-modelling, strategy implementation and a ward twinning project which included sharing good practice with staff from an acute older adult ward at King’s College Hospital. The project enabled staff to work together, share good practice and understand the difficulties and challenges they each face. The project is part of the King’s Health Partners Mind and Body project that aims to improve
the outcomes of patients.

Eve said: “I really enjoy teaching, it is really important to be able to share the knowledge you have in a way that captivates someone to want to do the things you are talking about. If you have
a good team of nurses sharing good practice it makes our services better.”

Carl Taylor, Counselling Psychologist and Senior Cognitive Analytic Therapist, Integrated Psychological Therapy Team, (IPTT) Lewisham. Psychological Medicine and Integrated Care CAG

Carl has been recognised for increasing the number of trainees to qualified staff in the team. This meant that Carl and the team have had to be creative with the resources within the team in terms of space, places to see clients and IT equipment. He has done this whilst recognising the possible effects on the service and in particular the admin team. Independently, Carl also developed an audit database for the service collecting three years of data outcomes measures. Using the data the team have been able to identify developments in the service and the referral process, all of this is centred on better outcomes for the patients.

Carl said: “Being shortlisted made me feel that someone recognises the work that I have done. It just makes me feel great - it makes me feel like a winner.”

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