Kindness and caring

Kindness and Caring: For individuals who have demonstrated outstanding compassion and kindness in their work.

Dr Marta Di Forti (winner) Consultant Psychiatrist, Lambeth Early Onset (LEO) Ward, Lambeth Hospital, Psychosis CAG and MRC Fellow at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London

Marta was nominated three separate times for this category by a combination of staff, service users and carers for being a kind, caring and passionate clinician. She has been recognised for her vast knowledge of the therapeutic options for mental health conditions and her research into the effects of cannabis on mental health.

The nominations were unanimous in their observations of Dr Di Forti’s treatment of service users as individuals with dignity, the deepest amount of care and taking extra steps to support patients at challenging times. Marta is seen as a massive inspiration to many.

Nominator, Prof. David Taylor said: “She has exceptional knowledge which she applies in a way that centres on benefit for her patients. The most exceptional thing about her is her ability to put herself in the position of her patients and to treat people with kindness.”

Sheila Woodward Clinical Audit Project Officer, Patient Safety Team, Nursing and Quality Directorate

Sheila was nominated by a member of staff for her focus on the wellbeing of service users, work with the Mind and Soul choir, mentoring and being a frequent volunteer at mental health awareness events. The panel members concurred with the observations on the nomination form based on past professional experience and recognised that Sheila’s informal style has acted as a successful advocate for those recovering from mental illness. It was noted that Sheila often gave a large proportion of her personal time to support others.

Sheila said: “When I see people growing and developing it gives me real a buzz.”

The Ash Team Woodland House Adolescent Unit, Kent Child and Adolescent Mental Health CAG

The Ash Team received three nominations from service users and colleagues. All the nominations conveyed their gratitude for the high quality service the team provide. They explained how kind and caring the team are towards the young people in their care. The young people who nominated the team were so passionate about the kindness they experienced from all members of the team that the judging panel decided to shortlist this team on this basis.

Colleagues said: “I’ve never worked with such a team of dedicated people before. Even when they’ve had the roughest day they would still do anything for all the patients on the unit.”

A patient said: “The entire team make me feel normal. Like being here is okay. All of the team notice when I am upset and help me as much as they can. They are always there with me through times of distress.”

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