Team of the year

Team of the year: For teams who consistently make a great impact delivering cross cutting work of notable importance.

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Winner: Digital Services - Service Desk team 

The Service Desk is a small team of seven people who look after the IT needs of staff across the trust. The team was recognised for achieving significant improvements in what they offer. Initiatives included extending the team's working hours so they were available to support staff and setting up roadshows on Office 365 software.

Judges said: "It's clear that the team has brought about a lot of change and improvement. They took people's concerns seriously and worked hard to get things right. They've also shared their ideas with other trusts."

Supervisor Michael said: "The team is great. I'm so proud of them. They put so much effort in on a daily basis. We get on with each other really well and there is a great team spirit."

Social, Inclusion, Hope and Recovery Project (SHARP)

SHARP is a therapy service working with adults with psychosis. The team help people get on wiht their lives using a range of therapies.

The nomination highlighted how the team really take on board what service users and carers are saying. Service users are encouraged to get involved in a range of projects - they curate the art gallery, help to look after the garden and are employed in administrative roles.

Home Treatment Team, Lambeth
The team work with people in acute psychiatric crisis. Their aim is to work with people in their own homes as an alternative to hospital admission.

A carer nominated the team for the support they gave her daughter. She commented that it wasn't just one member of the team who made a difference, but the whole team.

Watch this film about the teams shortlisted for the coveted 'Team of the year' award:

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