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Francoise Balfe

Service User Governor

As a recent SLaM patient who has worked with the Trust on a number of initiatives, I’m tremendously passionate about joining the Council of Governors to assist the Trust with its’ ambition to improve its services, work in the community and care for its’ staff. I’m extremely keen to use my SLaM experience, and that of the NHS from being a carer to two elderly parents for 15 years, to give something back to the Trust, and ultimately make a difference by taking up such a hugely rewarding role.
My personal journey with SLaM has resulted in my being able to take up a demanding communications role working on COVID-19 and I would like patients, carers, and staff’s experience with the Trust to be positive.

Having over twenty years of communications and engagement experience, including in the Department of Health and Social Care, worked on major government projects and programmes, as a well as a legal background these skills will ensure that I can make a valuable contribution to the Trust.

Emerging from the pandemic over the next few years demands on the Trust will escalate and I want to be part of the group finding solutions to issues as they arise. Through my tireless efforts am committed to robustly representing patient’s voices on all areas of the Trust’s business, particularly on:
Reducing waiting lists
Improving patient services and care
Safeguarding patient safety standards
Communicating and engaging diverse communities
Investing in staff, training and facilities BACK TO TEAM