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Kolawole Abiola

Public Governor

Members of the Public and Service Users involvement in scrutiny and delivery of Mental Health Service have been the core of the Trust operation since its beginning.

And with insights, this will often enhance quality service delivery, and also provide staff the support they require in dealing with strange situations sometimes in their work with patients who may not necessarily originate from their cultural background. SLAM is serving Mental health patients from the wider global community across the world, therefore the staff in delivering their services will be dealing with varieties of peoples with different cultural milieu.
As a Governor, a recognition of this fact will be useful during scrutiny of services, and incidents involving contentious issues among staff, patients, families of patients or friends and other associated influencing factors and agencies.

As a public Governor I also represent a group of service users who according to statistics, their over representation within the Forensic Mental Health service is very concerning and with my experience I will likely influence service delivery improvement. I hold BSc. in Criminology and Sociology from London Metropolitan University, and MSc. in Security and Crime Science from UCL.

I have served on Southwark Community Health Council, working closely with the SLAM board and SLAM Service Quality committee, Southwark Mental Health Partnership board, PCT Reference Group, and the PCT Board.

I am currently a Director of an Organization, 'Crime Harms Reduction Team' a Limited by Guarantee company working with young & adults offenders mostly from BME communities. BACK TO TEAM