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Our Governors

Our Council of Governors acts as a link between service users, carers, staff, the general public and the Trust's Board of Directors.

They support the Board of Directors in setting the long-term vision for our organisation, and hold the non-executive directors to account for the actions of the Board. Our Board of Directors has a duty to consult, and listen to the views of, the Council of Governors.

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Lilli Underwood

Job title Carer Governor

I have become a Carer Governor to have a little bit more of a voice within the big machine that is SLAM and all the associated services. I would like to have an input into how the services are developed as I see so many areas that are not working at the level of the service users and their families/carers, which is where it matters the most.

I have been in the middle of it all for about 14 years now since my son became unwell, so have experience of many services from CAMHS to adults team, several hospitals, housing, Adult Social services, Drug services, Pals, and more. I have been up and down the rollercoaster of having to fight to get people to do their jobs, being full of resolve, making it my business to read every document from the mental health act to the local CPA policy, and at other times having no fight in me and being completely out of ideas. I have also met the people who make all the difference and give you back the hope for the future, just by "getting" where you are and knowing what needs to happen next.

I hope my experience could be of use in some way for others going through a similar journey. Also I hope learn more about how the decisions are made in the background and why. 

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Contact your governors

If you have a question for your governors, please email governors@slam.nhs.uk

The Council of Governors is made up of:

  • Appointed members from organisations that the Trust works with
  • People who use the Trust's services elected by our membership
  • Carers of people who use the Trust's services elected by our membership
  • Members of the public elected by our membership
  • Members of staff elected by our membership

The Council's responsibilities include:

  • Appointing the Chair and other non-executive directors
  • Removing, if three quarters of the council of governors decide that it is necessary, the chair or other non-executive directors
  • Approving, by a majority, the appointment of the Chief Executive by the non-executive directors
  • Appointing or removing the Trust's auditor
  • Supporting and engaging with the Trust board
  • Holding the non-executive directors to account for the performance of the Trust Board
  • Representing the interests of the members of the Trust as a whole and the interests of the public
  • Approving 'significant transactions'
  • Deciding whether non-NHS work would significantly impact on the Trust's core role
  • Approving, by an overall majority, an application by the Trust to enter into a merger, acquisition, separation or dissolution
  • Approving amendments to the Trust's constitution

Governors review

The governors review includes information about the role of governors and their activities over the preceding year:
Governors review 2021-22

Governors review 2020-21

How to become a governor

Governors are elected to the Council of Governors from the public, service user, carer and staff constituencies. Elected governors serve a three-year term on the Council of Governors. Governors are also appointed by partner organisations. 

If you are interested in becoming a governor, vacancies will be advertised here or you can contact us to find our more via governors@slam.nhs.uk

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