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In May 2014 Bedlam was awarded a BAFTA television award in the 'best factual series' category. You can watch the Bedlam team receiving the award here and an interview with producers at the ceremony.

Please click here for our Bedlam media report.

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) took part in a Channel 4 observational documentary series last year.

SLaM staff and patients spent two years working with television company The Garden Productions. The four part series started on 31 October.

Our first programme, Anxiety, followed patients through Bethlem Royal Hospital’s 18-bed Anxiety and Disorders Residential Unit. This national unit treats the most anxious people in the country - the top one per cent - and claims a success rate of three in four patients. Some are consumed by irrational fears they’ve caused a road accident in their sleep, harmed strangers or have intrusive thoughts.

The next programme was called Crisis; cameras were allowed in to Lambeth Hospital’s Triage ward for the first time. In a postcode with the highest rates of psychosis in Europe, this is the Accident and Emergency of mental health - where patients are at their most unwell.

Our third programme, Psychosis, filmed a community mental health team. The lion’s share of our work takes place in a community setting, looking after more than 35,000 people with mental health issues.

The final programme, Breakdown, focused on older adults. The number of older people with mental health problems is estimated to increase by a third over the next 15 years to 4.3 million. Bereavement, stress and loneliness can contribute and some end up on our Older Adults Ward at Maudsley Hospital.

The series has attracted millions of viewers and we have been overwhelmed by the support, feedback and comments from patients, staff and members of the public.

Find out more information here on the decision behind the name.

The Communications and Media Department would like to thank everyone who has been involved in helping make the series happen: staff, patients, family members and partner organisations.

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