Patient biogs


In her thirties, Tamara is a mum of two who has a form of psychosis called persistent delusional disorder. Her particular delusion is that her body is infested by bed bugs that have entered her body, are behind her eyes and in places it’s physically impossible to reach.

When her illness is severe she is unable to stay in her flat and instead sleeps in the communal corridor outside. Her illness left her unable to look after her two children who are both in care. She was first admitted to psychiatric hospital last year and is determined never to return. She is currently being treated in the community.


Lloyd is 44, a former market trader and was once a successful stand-up comedian. He started to developed psychotic symptoms six years ago after two stressful life events: the break-up of a relationship with his long-term partner and the death of his mother.

Lloyd has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and hears a persistent voice inside his head called Martha. He lives with his dad, Ray, and neither of them have quite come to terms with what the illness means or how the outside world will view it. Lloyd is afraid of the outside world and seldom leaves the house. To cope with the anxiety he often turns to alcohol. His psychiatrist is worried about the effect it will have and soon Lloyd's deteriorating general health becomes more of a concern than his mental health.











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