Dr David Ndegwa

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Dr David Ndegwa is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist at the Bethlem Royal Hospital, and looks after community forensic patients in Lambeth.

Before moving to Lambeth in 1997 he worked at was a consultant forensic psychiatrist / senior lecturer and clinical director in City and Hackney  NHS trust / St Bartholomew’s Hospital medical college. He was a clinical director for lambeth  forensic psychiatric services and later South London foundation NHS trust up  2010 and then a strategy director  in  his clinical academic group CAG up to 2013   

He has been a member for a number of government expert committees providing advice on mental health legislation, personality disorders, R&D,  Black and Ethnic Minority issues. He was a specialist adviser to the NICE schizophrenia guideline 2009 and a guideline development group member for the NICE psychosis with coexisting substance abuse 2011 guideline. He is currently  an expert adviser for the NICE centre for guidelines CfG

He is currently a member of the Mental, Psychological and Occupational Health advisory panel of the NIHR’s Health Technology Assessment programme. He was also a member of the Equality working group at the Department of Health which was a subgroup of the Ministerial Advisory Group up to  2014.

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