Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Eileen Skellern 1 and Hospital Rooms exhibition

Artwork created by world class artists for Eileen Skellern 1, a psychiatric intensive care unit at Maudsley Hospital, is set to go on display to the public.

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust has partnered with Hospital Rooms, a mental health charity which commissions artists to permanently transform inpatient wards.

The innovative artwork will be displayed at the Griffin Gallery in London, which will be open to the public on April 26 and 27 from 10am to 5pm.

Hospital Rooms and contributing artists Paresha Amin, Aimee Mullins, Harold Offeh, Nengi Omuku, Julian Opie, Tamsin Relly and Tim A Shaw, have been working with staff and patients from Eileen Skellern 1 to change the physical environment of the ward.

Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Faisil Sethi, said: “Psychiatric Intensive Care Units support patients at a time when they are acutely unwell and at their most vulnerable. The experience of patients and staff in these units is hugely affected by the aesthetic and design of the physical environment.

“This innovative project has brought together patients, clinicians and artists to co-produce museum quality artwork. Using the power of art to empower women in mental health crises and promote recovery will lead to a sustained positive change in the way we care for our patients.”

During the project, the Hospital Rooms co-founders, the artists and ES1 staff discussed the specific requirements of the ward and share clinical expertise, and artists have lead art workshops with service users to gather their ideas. These sessions influenced each artist’s work.

Hospital Rooms co-founders artist Tim A Shaw and curator Niamh White said: “This project is our most ambitious to date and we are thrilled with the artworks that have been produced.

“From Nengi Omuku's moving abstract mural that alludes to a family scene in which three figures attentively offer comfort and care, to Aimee Mullins' pine scented immersive landscape whose horizon disappears into the distance or Harold Offeh's musing on incidental beauty that was made with patients, we have collaboratively enabled artists to respond to, interpret and conceptually re-think clinical space and the potential it contains.

“We’re excited to share these artworks with the public.”

The project is funded by Arts Council England and through Hospital Rooms’ friends and donors.

Hospital Rooms

Hospital Rooms is a mental health charity that believes in the enduring power of the arts to instil value, dignity and wellbeing in people. We commission museum quality and compliant artwork and environments for mental health units in NHS hospitals.

Our aim is to disrupt the barriers that limit access to art and culture for people using mental health services. The charity has undertaken projects at the Garnet Ward in Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust, Snowsfields Adolescent Unit in South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, and the Phoenix Unit and Recovery College at South West London and St George’s Trust.

Our participating artists have included Nick Knight, Gavin Turk, Mark Titchner, Tschabalala Self and Assemble among others. Hospital Rooms was co-founded by artist Tim A Shaw and curator Niamh White.

 To find out more visit Hospital Rooms

Picture: Harold Offeh, Thin-film interference TV Room, Eileen Skellern 1, 2018 

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