Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Eileen Skellern 1 and Hospital Rooms win NAPICU Quality Improvement award

Eileen Skellern 1, a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit for Women at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and Hospital Rooms won an award for NAPICU Quality Improvement Project of the Year.

The National Association of Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (NAPICU) Quality Improvement Award recognises quality improvement and innovative practice in PICU patient care.

Hospital Rooms is a mental health charity, co-founded by artist Tim A Shaw and curator Niamh White, which commissions world class artists to transform inpatient wards with museum quality artwork.

The artists and Hospital Rooms have worked in partnership with the patients and staff on ES1 PICU to improve the quality of care for patients, change the physical environment and produce innovative permanent artworks. The award highlights how a physical environment on a ward can have a big impact on the quality of care which patients receive. 

Dr Faisil Sethi, Consultant Psychiatrist on ES1 said: “This project has enhanced the quality of care provided to our patients in the psychiatric intensive care unit. It is a privilege to be part of this team, and this award recognises what can be achieved through dedicated teamwork."

Onyeka Nwankwo, ward manager on ES1 said: “it has positively transformed the physical environment on ES1 to be much more therapeutic for the patients. This award acknowledges the hard work and dedication of ES1 and Hospital Rooms teams in ensuring successful completion of the project despite the challenges faced due to the acuity of the ward.”

Rebecca Davies, occupational therapist, said: “The ES1 team are so proud that all our hard work in our collaboration with Hospital Rooms has been recognised. As a team we really enjoyed working on the project and planning the transformation of the ward alongside the patients over a period of eighteen months. The addition of the art work has made such a huge difference to the physical environment and subsequently the therapeutic atmosphere on the ward and both staff and patients have benefitted greatly.”

The project, which has involved seven artists - Paresha Amin, Aimee Mullins, Harold Offeh, Nengi Omuku, Julian Opie, Tamsin Relly and Tim A Shaw, has taken around 18 months to complete. The seclusion room on the ward has also more recently been transformed as part of the project.

Niamh White, co-founder of Hospital Rooms, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled that our project has been recognised on a national scale in a Quality Improvement category. It is easy to see the arts as a soft or alternative approach, but this award places a real value on the positive impact it can have in a clinical setting. Everyone involved worked tirelessly to come up with imaginative and physically safe artworks for Eileen Skellern 1 Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit for women and we are so proud of all we have all collectively achieved."

Charity transforms mental health units with art

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