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SLaM experts on cannabis in mental health share knowledge at staff event

Friday, March 05, 2021

An educational session held by the Quality Centre Addictions CAG on 24 February brought together a range of SLaM’s experts on cannabis addiction. Over 350 SLaM colleagues looking to improve their knowledge of cannabis in mental health joined the two-hour event on Teams. Chaired by Dr Emily Finch and Professor John Strang, the event featured the following speakers:

Professor Robin Murray – Cannabis and mental health problems
Dr Tom Freeman – What do we know about cannabis addiction?
Dr Tim Meynen – Can treatments for addictions help? 
Dr Marta DiForti – What works in the cannabis clinic?

You watch a recording of the event here.

Colleagues who attended the event said that it was useful, informative and inspiring, and gave them a more detailed understanding of the issues. Dr Emily Finch, Clinical Director of the Addictions CAG, said: "It’s clear that staff in SLAM are genuinely enthusiastic about helping their patients reduce the harm they experience from cannabis use. We will continue to develop the support systems they need to do this".

Professor John Strang, Academic Director of the Addictions CAG, said "As a partnership, SLaM and King's have conducted pioneering work in charting the relationship between cannabis and mental health and the emerging awareness of cannabis dependence - as summarised so effortlessly by today's speakers. But we need to turn the scrutiny onto ourselves and ask our organisations as well as ourselves about how we can better support, better invest in, and better develop stronger responses for the future".

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