My story of hope and encouragement

14 August 2015

Kathryn Grant suffered from postpartum psychosis and was a patient at the Mother and Baby Unit at Bethlem Royal Hospital from November 2012 to January 2013. She is now a media volunteer for the charity Action on postpartum psychosis and regularly shares her experience of mental illness. Here she talks about stigma and being part of a high profile television debate on mental illness.
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The Tree of Life - my experience

09 June 2015

Ursula is a service user who trained to become a Tree of Life facilitator. The project aims to promote recovery and compassion on our wards through growing more positive relationships between staff and service users.
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An unprecedented success - the Bethlem Gallery and Museum opening

24 February 2015

Last week a pioneering arts and museum space at Bethlem Royal Hospital opened to the public. The Bethlem Gallery and Museum celebrates the lives and achievements of those living with mental illness. Beth Elliott, director of the Bethlem Gallery, writes a blog about the launch, the media coverage and the success of the new venture so far.
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How to make more research accessible to patients

15 February 2015

Sheri Oduola is project manager for Consent for Contact (C4C) and aims to get more patients involved in research work.
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How helping others helped me

10 February 2015

Scott blogs about volunteering and how it changed his life.
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I learn from my clients about what it is to be human

09 February 2015

Dr Sunil Nandha, a SLaM clinical psychologist, wrote a blog for the Guardian Healthcare Network about his typical 'day in the life'.
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