Alcohol and safer drinking - a Christmas message

23 December 2014

Anne Middleton is assistant director of nursing for SLaM and specialises in public health and physical health. She has written a blog advising people about alcohol and safer drinking over the festive period.
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A collaboration between patients and staff

15 December 2014

Kirsty Giles, manager of the college, talks about the benefits of service users, staff and carers working together.
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Working with schizophrenia

27 November 2014

Dr Fiona Gaughran, lead consultant at SLaM's National Psychosis Unit, describes a typical day on the unit and her experiences with schizophrenia and psychiatry.
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Blog: World Mental Health Day

10 October 2014

Carer Matthew Mckenzie on World Mental Health Day.
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Remembering our connections to the armed forces

Helena Taylor-Knox, Power of story project lead: What do we do to look after the mental health needs of older adult veterans? And how can we best pay our collective respects on this issue?
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