Social media guidance

The Communications and Media department at SLaM has produced the following guidelines for staff, patients and visitors about media activity.

  • Protect your personal information at all times when using social media. Some details about you, such as your address, name and passwords may be misused fraudulently. Keep them secure, do not share.
  • Protect your privacy when using social media sites. Some information is meant for you, your family and close friends. Do not share too much with people you do not know well. Don’t advertise anything which may compromise your personal security; details of holidays or when you are planning to be away from home, for example.
  • Know your friends. Some social media sites display your posts to everyone (such as twitter and most blogs). It may not be wise to share private information on public posts. Many social media sites have privacy settings which you can adjust. If you are not sure, most sites have information you can read or you could ask a friend.  
  • Be sociable. Do not post comments you would not otherwise say in public. Do not post comments that others may find offensive, provocative, aggressive and threatening.
  • Keep your views about your work, colleagues and employer to yourself. Be cautious and professional at all times.
  • Respect others privacy and personal space. Do not take photos, make videos or audio recordings of people without their permission. This applies to any therapeutic or clinical environment including outpatients, inpatients and community settings.
  • Some places may not be appropriate for social media. 'Checking-in' on an inpatient ward, uploading photos or comments about other patients or staff may upset people around you. Please be aware there are people who are not active on social media sites and may find the activity upsetting and inappropriate.
  • Do not advertise your expensive mobile phone, tablet by posting on public transport, outside stations and other public areas. Set up security features on your phone, tablet and iPad such as screen lock, pin, remote wipe.
  • Above all, aim to be mindful and respectful of others around you, particularly in settings which involve vulnerable people. Social media is an invaluable tool, providing it is used correctly.
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