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Prof Janet Treasure


Janet Treasure has led or co-led several European research projects, Fifth Framework and was co-leader on a COST Project. She is now leading a European value of treatment project.

She has led several multicentre treatment studies. All of these focus on different aspects of treatment for eating disorders ranging from self management for bulimia nervosa through to New Maudsley Collaborative Care and MANTRA

Professor Treasure is a world-leading clinical and academic psychiatrist in eating disorders. To date, she has 44,626 citations with h-index of 115. She has been a principal investigator on several multi-centre studies in eating disorders and a coinvestigator on many international studies. She has mentored over 60 PhD students and numerous clinicians. She has been a member of the NICE committee for the guidelines of eating disorders twice (2004, 2017) and is on the member of the committee for MARSIPAN guidelines. She is leading a European project on the value of treatment. She has written numerous books on eating disorder in particular she has cowritten books and other materials with people with lived experience. She has pioneered a collaborative approach of working with patients and their families.
Education and training 
  • 1973 BSc (Physiology) University of London – First class
  • 1975 PhD (Physiology) University of London
  • 1978 MBBS University of London
  • 1980 MRCPRoyal College of Physicians
  • 1984 MRCPsychRoyal College of Psychiatrists
  • 1995 FRCPsychRoyal College of Physicians
  • 1999 FRCPRoyal College of Psychiatrists

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