Help and advice for parents

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting family life in a big way and we will all feel the impact in different ways. It is a difficult time full of anxiety and uncertainty; however your feelings are an understandable response to a very unusual situation.

Some of the things that might help your child and family to feel okay are likely to be limited, so we have put together some advice to help you manage during this pandemic.

Remember that you are doing your best and small changes can go a long way.

Tips for coping during COVID-19

Dealing with anxiety during COVID-19

Dealing with low mood during COVID-19

Coronavirus: advice for carers leaflet


Other sources of help and support

The Centre for Parent and Child Support are part of our National and Specialist CAMHS services. The team run parenting courses for families experiencing difficulties, and regularly post helpful advice via their social media channels.

You can follow them online by using the links below:

Centre for Parent and Child Support: Facebook page

Centre for Parent and Child Support: Instagram

Centre for Parent and Child Support: Twitter

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