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Brixton Road

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020 3228 7000
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020 3228 7001
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308 - 312 Brixton Road
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Adult Mental Health Services (Local)
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The Placement, Assessment and Monitoring Service (PAMS) provide nursing, residential and specialist care placements for people, aged 18-65, who have recently moved to independent living.

We provide care co-ordination, specialist assessment and rehabilitation services for people who live in the Borough of Lambeth. Where necessary we also provide clinical care for non-Lambeth residents who have been placed within the borough, as well as social care for people who have moved to more independent, out of borough placements.
Our team includes health and social care professions, including nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers, support workers and psychiatrists.
We promote the recovery of people who require care and support in a residential setting.
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