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Psychological Interventions Clinic for Outpatients with Psychosis (PICUP)

Phone number:
020 3228 3524 or 020 3228 5278
Fax number:
Hospital site:
Maudsley Hospital
PO79, Clinical Treatment Centre
Maudsley Hospital
Denmark Hill
Directorate or department:
Care pathway:
Service Type:
Adult Mental Health Services (Local)
Treatment mode:
This service is for people who live in:
National (Adult services)
The Psychological Interventions Clinic for outpatients with Psychosis (PICuP) is a national, specialist service based at the Maudsley Hospital. We provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for people, aged over 18, who have psychosis. A psychotic illness involves distorted perceptions of reality – thinking, feeling, hearing and seeing – often with symptoms of hallucinations and delusions.

CBT is a talking treatment that can help people overcome upsetting and unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving. It helps people to be clearer about these patterns and helps to work out a way of changing them.
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