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Functional Family Therapy Service (Southwark)

Phone number:
0207 525 5784
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Hospital site:
Maudsley Hospital
29 Chandler Way
SE15 6DT
Directorate or department:
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
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For Southwark Families with children 10 to 17 years of age.

The Families’ First team are a team of family therapists trained in the Functional Family Therapy model (FFT). FFT is an evidence based family therapy approach to working with young people and their families where the adolescent in the family presents ‘externalising behaviours’ and conduct challenges. It shifts the focus away from negative and blaming interactions on individuals, to a helpful and supportive way of building and strengthening relationships in families.

FFT has been helpful for adolescents experiencing:

Family relational difficulties/violence
Behaviour and emotional difficulties at school, home and in the community Antisocial behaviour, conduct disorder
Where substance abuse co-exists with behavioural and relationship problems Breakdown in the home/relationship
Going missing/staying out late

FFT aims to help the family to learn new and helpful ways to understand each other and develop positive family relationships which can then help with other areas of the young person’s life, such as education, employment and community engagement.
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