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Families, friends and carers play a vital role in supporting people with mental health problems and / or an addiction to drugs or alcohol. We know this role can sometimes be difficult, demanding and lonely.

As well as providing care and treatment for the people who use our services, we are also here to support you.

If you have a problem, if something is worrying you, or if you are confused about how to get help, then please talk to us. 

You can also read our Families and Carers Handbook and the NHS Practical Guide to Caring.

Our Carers Charter describes what you can expect from our services. Check out our Family and Carers Strategy 2015-2019 for more information. The full Carers Charter starts on page 28.

In order to be effective partners, we recognise that carers, friends and family members need clear information about the service user’s care and treatment.

We have produced guidance on confidentiality which provides information and advice for all those involved in care – including staff, service users and their carers.

They explain how to balance respect for service users’ privacy and confidentiality with the need to include carers in the care of their loved ones. 

We run an annual Family and Carers Listening Event, which gives families and carers the opportunity to meet and share their experiences with staff, gather information and hear about the work being developed across the Trust. Click Here to read more about Evaluation of the Family and Carer Listening event 27th June 2018

Click Here to download the Minutes of the Family and Carer’s Committee meeting September 2018

Find out more about how we support families and carers in the following short film.

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Evaluation of the Family and Carer Listening event

27th June 2018

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