Healthlocker is a completely new digital service which aims to improve communication and transparency in care. It will continue to be designed and developed through collaboration with clinical staff, service users and carers at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

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Using Healthlocker you can:
● send confidential, secure messages to your care team
● access your care plan
● create and manage personal goals
● access and create coping strategies
● track your sleep
● track a problem or symptom which you experience
● keep a diary
● share your sleep and problem tracking, diary and goals and coping strategies with your care team
● access recovery stories and wellbeing tips to inspire and support you.

When can I use it?
This first phase of Healthlocker’s development is being piloted with 4 teams across the trust to learn how it performs, how people use it and what’s needed to improve it before rolling it out further.

Healthlocker is available for anyone to use now, but please be aware, our team by team roll-out plan means your care team may not be using the service yet. If you want sign up, please speak to your care coordinator to see if they are ready to use it with you.

Any information you record and share with your care team will be available to them when they start using Healthlocker. You should not expect your team to respond to messages until you have discussed using the service together. In the meantime the tools are ready for you to get involved in monitoring and taking a more active role in your wellbeing.

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To give feedback on how you have got on and what features or improvements you would like to see, click on the link in the pink banner at the top of each page.

Want to find out more?
Visit or contact the team at

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What happened to myhealthlocker?
We launched ‘myhealthlocker’ in 2013, which was groundbreaking in demonstrating the potential to engage patients online in their care, alongside collecting research data. Take up was poor, however, and myhealthlocker will be retired later this year.
With funding from the Maudsley Charity, we went back to the drawing board to develop Healthlocker through a user-led design process, focused on delivering a clinically useful tool. Hundreds of staff, carers and service users have been involved so far.

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