Patient stories

More people than ever before are speaking out about their mental health problems in a bid to raise awareness and reduce stigma.

SLaM speaks to courageous individuals who have suffered mental health problems themselves but are on a mission to help others understand more about the illnesses they have confronted.


AJ - Opening up helped me deal with my mental illness

AJ's problems developed when she was a teenager after being physically and mentally abused by her step-mum.
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Daniel - People don't think men get eating disorders

Daniel thinks he first developed an eating disorder when he was 19.
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Debbie - OCD made me the person I am today

Debbie has had OCD since she was six-years-old. Her disorder primarily relates to cleanliness and her appearance.
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Liz - Skin picking almost destroyed me

Liz developed a destructive habit from the age of eight years old. She would obsessively pick at her skin, sometimes until she bled.
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Nikki - Ten years of suffering

When Nikki was 13 she knew she was "different" to other children. She couldn't relate to her peers.
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