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Pain, physical activity and health outcomes

Cerisse Gunasinghe
Stephani Hatch, Matthew Hotopf, Lisa Aschan, Shirlee MacCrimmon & Billy Gazard
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Project Background/Aims:
Lower back pain was found to be a leading cause of disability across the globe (Lancet, 2016). Research documenting the bio-psycho-social factors impacting pain and the management of this long-term condition are readily available. However, what remains unclear is the level of need that is experienced in South East London and what are the unmet needs and appropriate interventions given the complexity of this illness. PAPER 1 : What is the prevalence of chronic (long-term physical) pain in a local urban community sample and how does chronic pain impact the physical (fatigue, level of physical activity and sleep) and mental (personality, depression and anxiety) and social functioning (work attendance, social relationships) well-being of these individuals? PAPER 2: To investigate current treatments and health service use of those with chronic pain?
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