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We provide more than 240 services to people in our local communities as well as being the UK's leading provider of national and specialist services.

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  1. Female Hormone Clinic

    This unique outpatient service provides assessment and evidence-based treatments for women who suffer from serious mental health conditions, including psychosis and severe depression, at times of hormonal change (for example, pre-menstrual, peri and post-menopausal).

    A subgroup of women experience highly significant cognitive, mood and neurological disorders associated with fluctuation of sex hormone levels. These windows of vulnerability can occur pre-menstrually, post-natally, or around the time of menopause. Although the underlying cause of these problems may include a complex interaction between psychological and social factors, there is increasing evidence that biological factors are also important.

    Our team includes international experts in gynaecological endocrinology, psychiatry, psychology and neurology. They provide evidence-based treatments to manage disorders like premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), peri and post-menopausal mood and memory disorders, cyclical epilepsy and women with neurodevelopmental disorders (for example, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)).

    There is a growing body of research that supports the use of specific nutritional, hormonal and non-hormonal (for example, psychological) treatments in the management of these disorders. It is, however, difficult to access expert, unbiased help. We have developed our national service, which is specifically designed to meet this need.

    Address: Maudsley Hospital
    Denmark Hill, London, SE5 8AZ

    Category: Adult Mental Health Service (National)

  2. Fitzmary 1

    Fitzmary 1 ward and Gresham 1 ward are Croydon's dedicated female only inpatient units. We offer a comprehensive assessment, care and treatment service. Our treatment programme is aligned with the Recovery model and our inpatient staff work closely with our community services to ensure our patients receive the best care both during and after discharge.

    Address: Fitzmary 1
    Fitzmary House
    Bethlem Royal Hospital
    Monks Orchard Road, Beckenham,  London, BR3 3BX

    Category: Adult Mental Health Service (Local)

  3. Florence Ward

    Florence ward is a 15-bedded mixed gender ward for adults aged 18-65 situated at Lambeth Hospital. We provide care for those living with acute mental illness who live in the London Borough of Lambeth.

    We provide inpatient psychiatric assessment, treatment and care to help reduce the risk of harm to self and others. We bring together different professionals, including psychiatrists, nurses and social carers who work with the patient and their carers. We help people to maintain their health and move on to live more independently in their communities.

    Address: Lambeth Hospital,  108 Landor Road, , London, SW9 9NT

    Category: Adult Mental Health Services (Local)

  4. Forensic Intensive Psychological Treatment Service (Lambeth, Southwark and Wandsworth)

    The Forensic Intensive Psychological Treatment Service (FIPTS) was developed in 2004 in partnership with the Ministry of Justice and Department of Health to treat and manage high risk offenders with severe personality disorder. In 2016 FIPTS community team became an Intensive Intervention and Risk Management Service (IIRMS) as part of the National Offender Personality Disorder strategy jointly funded by NHS England and NOMS (National Offender Management Service).

    The FIPTS IIRMS Community Team is multi-disciplinary and adopts an evidence based psycho-social approach to working with service users. As well as helping our clients reduce or stop violent offending we also strive to help improve the quality of their relationships and assist them to achieve success in other important areas such as employment, education and community living. Our main focus is to promote independence and improve the quality of life of all our clients whilst reducing their risk of recidivism.

    Referrals are accepted from secure services and probation offices within the appropriate catchment area.

    Who is suitable to be referred to FIPTS?

    • Male or female 18 years or older
    • Must be subject to s37/41 of the Mental Health Act or subject to a probation order and screened in to the Offender Personality Disorder pathway
    • Diagnosis or problematic traits of personality disorder
    • Forensic history of violent and/or sexual offending
    • A willingness to engage in psychological treatment and management
    • Client presenting a high level of risk for future violent and/or sexual offending
    • Functional link between personality disorder and risk for violent and/or sexual offending
    • IQ of 70 or more
    • Catchment areas of Lambeth,Southwark or Wandsworth

    Address: Landor House
    Lambeth Hospital
    108 Landor Road, London, SW9 9NU

    Category: Forensic Personality Disorder Adult Mental Health Services (Local)

  5. Forensic Service

    We provide low secure and medium secure forensic services. The purpose of our service is to ensure that mentally disordered offenders are assessed and treated effectively, in the least restrictive environment. We aim to manage the risk, reduce further offending and support recovery throughout the person’s stay.

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    Address: ,

    Category: Adult Mental Health Service (National)

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